To Get Started

Let’s ensure we’re on the same page

Providing the following information will help ensure the final translation suits your needs:

  • Type of text or document, purpose and audience: court, insurance company, consumers in the U.S., consumers abroad, local workforce, patients

  • Who to contact should questions arise

  • To maintain consistency in the language style and terminology, access to prior translated work or other reference material is recommended

  • The formatted source text electronic file (Word, PowerPoint, PDF)

  • The format of the target text – electronic file (Word, PowerPoint, PDF), hard copy

  • Time-frame – is it a moving target or is it a hard deadline

  • SpanishWorks includes a review of the typeset text for translations to be published (print or online) to ensure its integrity

  • Any special considerations or anything we should keep in mind


  • All payment terms are agreed upon before work begins.

  • Invoice payment is due upon delivery, unless other arrangements are agreed to in advance.

  • For larger or longer-term projects, partial payments may be due at the project's start and at various intervals throughout the project time-frame. Such billing arrangements would be agreed upon in advance and are dependent on the nature and size of the project. In any case, final payment is due upon delivery.

Let's Get Started

Suggestions for future projects

  • Involve SpanishWorks as soon as you know you might need materials in a different language.

  • Allot sufficient time for SpanishWorks to do a good job for you. Depending on the nature of the project, a rushed job may not be as good as one delivered within a reasonable time-frame.

  • Keep in mind, translators will have varied levels of expertise, tools and resources, and work at a different pace. SpanishWorks will communicate any concerns upfront.

  • Although it might be tempting to use your bilingual staff for translation, if they are not schooled or experienced in the second language, the less-than-stellar results could far outweigh the cost of having a translation properly done by an expert translator.

  • SpanishWorks will be your partner for communication and will strive to convey your message faithfully into the target language, as if written by you.