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Spanish to English, English to Spanish translations are done personally by owner, Betina Frisone. That means:

  • Working directly with your translator
  • Consistency of style and terminology
  • Projects delivered ON TIME
  • Prompt and responsive customer service
  • Feedback is always welcome; in fact, it's encouraged
  • Personal care

Vast experience, bicultural knowledge and language skills, to:

  • Translate materials accurately and effectively into Spanish or into English
  • Review your current bilingual materials
  • Provide in-person consecutive or telephonic interpretation 

By investing the effort to communicate in their language, you…

  • Increase sales exponentially, reaching markets that would otherwise be unattainable
  • Increase safety, facilitating compliance with safety and operational procedures
  • Increase employee morale
  • In other words, translation opens doors

Why hire a translator?

Just a few examples of where translations may be needed:

  • Personal legal documents issued in a foreign country, required for immigration or other legal matters, such as real estate transactions, marriage, adoption, immigration, etc. In some of these cases, the translations would need to be certified before a notary public.
  • Employee handbooks or safety procedures for companies with a workforce with limited English proficiency.
  • Business proposals or other legal documents to be executed or for doing business in another country.
  • Websites or other marketing tools for U.S. non-English speakers or for international markets.

While useful when working with clients or fellow coworkers, knowing a second language at a conversational level (such as when learned at home) is not enough to produce a proper translation when one is needed. This is especially true when it involves a legal document, work safety procedures, hospital discharge instructions for care at home, or to promote your product or business overseas.

Knowing both the source and target languages well is a good start, but knowing the subject matter well in the target language is essential. 

You can count on SpanishWorks for reliable translations. And investing time and effort to edit the work to ensure it reads naturally is an essential step that is never skipped or overlooked at SpanishWorks.

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